Caterina & Tony’s Brisbane Greek Orthodox Wedding

by Karin
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Caterina & Tony's Wedding

Caterina and Tony’s St.George Greek Orthodox Church wedding in Brisbane was heavenly in every way!

From the moment I entered this church, I felt I had landed in photography Utopia! I just couldn’t get over how stunning and impressive it was. Definitely one of the most beautiful churches I have seen in my life.

Caterina’s excitement about her wedding was infectious, lifting the mood of the whole bridal party. Her future husband Tony came all the way from England, having met online through their mutual passion for gaming. Tony looking dapper in his grey suit, raced to the church in this awesome burgundy-red classic Camaro. Caterina followed in a magnificent ice blue BMW, gull-wing doors opening wide to show off the stunning bride. A classic-cut and utterly gorgeous ivory dress completed the look with some bling for extra style. White roses with baby’s breath filled the bouquet and were perfect in every way.

On the big day, the weather wasn’t the best, although the couple had chosen a church setting for the ceremony and could luckily keep out of the rain. Initially, we planned to go to Redcliffe jetty for the location session. However, because of the downpour, we opted to stay at the church instead. Most importantly, this meant we could use the beautiful interior of the church as our backdrop.

The private couple hired me for 6 hours, which was perfect to capture all their beautiful moments: the ceremony, quality time with family and friends, speeches, first dance and last but not least cutting the cake. Caterina is half Dutch (mum) and half Greek (father) and the wedding just wouldn’t be complete without Greek dancing. The atmosphere was so electric, I almost wanted to join in the fun, rather than just documenting it. 😉

 I thank Caterina and Tony for choosing me as their wedding photographer. It was a special day and I wish this beautiful couple many years of joy, laughter & happiness! XxX Karin

Church: St.George Greek Orthodox Church

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