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Who is this passionate Photographer - Karin ("Car-In")?


Proud Dutchy, what you see is what you get, no nonsense, reliable and professional.

Met my Australian/English hubby Chris in July 2004 when I was exploring this side of the world. From day one we're inseparable.

Moved from Amsterdam to Australia in Januari 2005, got married 4 months later and still am till this day.

Mother of a gorgeous and highly intelligent teenage son who literally rocks my world and amazes me every day.

Love spending time in our garden on our completely Off grid property (rainwater tanks, solar panels the whole sha bam).

Exploring and capturing all the beauty the world has to offer (check out my personal work in "More"). 

Becoming a vegetarian again after 15 years but can't do the Vegan thing just yet...

Avid Iced coffee drinker (keeps my editing on par!)

A massive chocoholic, prefer sweets over savoury any day.

Huge movie and Netflix buff (isn't it the best?!)

Adores cats and dogs equally, but because we live out in the country we have a delightful Shar-Pei X called Cuddles.

True Sagittarius (Year of the Rabbit and Element Fire).

Likes to use the ! all the time, not because I'm angry but as I'm a happy and excited person by nature...


Let’s be honest though, this is not about me, it’s all about you!

If you are interested and would like to know more of who I am, please feel free to check out my first blog.
To me the people I photograph are the most important!
Without you there is no story…

Are you looking for?

  • A passionate, bubbly, relaxed and down to earth photographer? I'll go with the flow and I'm emotionally involved in your magical day. 
  • A photographer who captures your special day uniquely and exactly the way you want it.
  • Someone who seamlessly captures you and your loved one as a couple? Not forgetting to document the genuine and raw emotions of the day.  
  • A photographer who can adapt to any light condition or create the right light in the right place at the right time.
  • Someone who has been in the business for years but still treats every wedding with as much enthusiasm and delight as if it was her first.

If these tick your boxes, I’m the photographer for you. I only shoot about 20-25 weddings a year, as I believe in quality, not quantity.


So if you’re looking for a fun, caring and devoted photographer, please fill out the contact form, let’s connect and make some EPIC memories together! 

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