Greg & Clay’s Brisbane Cloudland Wedding

by Karin
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Greg & Clay's Wedding

This Brisbane Cloudland same-sex wedding was nothing short of class and opulence.

When I entered Cloudland for a moment I thought I landed in photography heaven! This place is out of this world so stunning. The decor and finishing touches were really on par. Such a magnificent place to get married so Greg and Clay choose their venue well. 

They have known each other for at least a decade so love sure runs deep in these two love birds. The boys had heartfelt vows to each other and the day couldn’t have been more perfect.

Greg really wanted to get some photos in the cellar so good job I shoot both styles (natural and flash). The cellar was so dark that without a flash it was pretty much impossible to get a good shot there, but we’re all so thrilled what we created together as we got some EPIC shots! The couple hired me for a few hours. They really wanted the ceremony captured, the portrait session, and having a great time with their loved ones. I offer many different packages as I believe no 2 weddings are the same.

I wish my beautiful couple lots of happiness and love. XxX Karin

Greg & Clay’s fabulous day was made possible by:

Venue: Cloudland
Grooms suits: Tony Barlow
Buttonholes: Your Pick

For Wedding and Elopement Packages, click this link.

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