Lifestyle sessions start at:


$350 for 10 High-Res. Digital Photos.

$550 for 25 Digital Photos.

$750 for 50 Digital Photos

$1000 for all (Minimum of 125 Digital Photos).


All photos are artistically individually hand edited.

Extra photos are available at an additional cost.

The digital photos are in an online private gallery for you and your loved ones to download (with free printing rights).


Suitable for families, couples, maternity, newborns and also great for those important milestones.


Travel included for Gympie to Maryborough.


Anywhere else it’s $50 for petrol (if it’s less than 50km, otherwise contact me).


I offer interest-free payments so you can enjoy less financial pressure leading up to your session.

These sessions are real and relaxed.


It’s all about capturing your personalities, kids or pets. Let’s go to your favourite place and let me photograph the bond and unconditional love in your family.


Great for kiddies who can’t sit still for long or when you would like a more natural and candid fell in your photos. The aim is to photograph and document real-life events, situations or certain milestones in an artistic manner.


Every story is unique and beautiful!


It’s that connection I want to freeze in time and don’t forget… we will have so much fun too!


Remember this is just a guide if you don’t know what to wear!


Wear what you love and makes you feel good. Wear what you are comfortable in as it’s about your connection and the love you have for each other.


Best thing to is when you have booked your session with me, is to look for clothing that colour co-ordinate well (please no big brand names, logos or character like “Mickey Mouse”, since it’s very distracting and can look a bit tacky!)

It doesn’t have to be all white, black or the same colour. Rather look for lovely colours that match well together.


Please don’t wait till the day before the session to sort this out, since it can be super stressful finding out certain things won’t fit anymore, you forgot about that massive stain on his/her shirt etc.

A great way to create more interest in photos is to wear accessories (think of jewellery, hats, funky boots etc.) and adding textures (scarves, belts, ruffled skirt etc.)


If you’re having a family session with little kids, it always a great idea to bring something along like their favourite teddy bear or a ball to have some fun with.



I recommend you to get in touch as soon after your beautiful baby is born. Please note the perfect age for newborn shoot is when it’s just born till about 2 weeks old.
With only a small window of opportunity don’t miss your chance to capture that special moment before it passes.


Newborn sessions are taken at the newborns pace, so plenty of time for breaks and mummy time. Feel free if you wish to include your own props, I will try and incorporate them to the best of my ability.


~ Mothers who are breast feeding should try to avoid eating spicy foods the day before (i.e., pizza, hot sauce, etc.) that might upset your babies tummy.

~ Try to keep your baby awake for a while before the session to make sure your newborn is a bit sleepy for those cute shots.

~ A full baby is a happy baby, so try and get them to feed a bit more before the session, that way they’ll cope better.

~ Dress your baby in loose clothes to avoid any lines on their skin and try to avoid “onesies” or anything else that must be pulled off over your baby’s head.

If at home, remember to dress “light” yourself.


Make sure the brightest room is nice and warm for your baby (if it’s too hot for you, it’s perfect for your baby so please leave the Aircon off in this room).

A little heater or even a hair dryer can do the job in winter.

First of all, I’m a qualified Social Worker, plus I know what it’s like to be a Special Needs family. My 11-year-old son has been diagnosed many years ago.


The great thing about hiring me as your photographer is that I’ll take time to know your child without looking at the clock. There’s no judgement when a meltdown happens since I know all too well what and how they look like.


There’s no need for stress and just enjoy the moment being together. Join in what your child loves to do! These days the end result isn’t the stiff posed family photos where everyone just sits around and looks at the camera, some of the most beautiful images are the ones where we are truly in our little moment.


Every child is different and same counts for the special need ones. When it comes to a special needs child, I understand that a lot of these children are more sensitive to sounds, touch and not to forget light.


Before we have the session, please let me know if your child has a problem with flash/artificial (quick burst of strong light) photography and I make sure I won’t bring it to the session.

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