Marni & Siobhan’s Kin Kin Farm Wedding

by Karin
Marni & Siobhan's Kin Kin Farm Wedding

Wow wow wow, what a wedding day, even the rain couldn’t stop Marni and Siobhan from getting married at Marni’s brother farm in Kin Kin! 

What started as a fairly dry morning, quickly turned around by 3pm, which was ceremony time. Big clouds came in and these two stunners were braving the rain. It didn’t matter as they had only eyes for each other!
From the gorgeous dresses to the cute red kangaroo paw ((for the foreigners, it’s a plant, not the animal paw) in the white bouquet of roses, everything was beautifully chosen and complimented each other so well.
I have known Marni for over 7 years now as she’s actually my lovely friend who keeps my crazy dreads in check!
Back then, we were both living in Townsville, but in the meantime, we both moved and live here now down South.
This is where she found true love and I’m so happy for her!
Initially, I wasn’t able to photograph their beautiful day as I was already booked for a different wedding, but fate (my other wedding is postponed till September 2022) had different plans for us, so you can imagine our joy.

The girls hired me for 5 hours, which was perfect to cover most of their beautiful love story. I wish these beautiful souls, lots of happiness, love, and joy in their life just as much as it was on their wedding day! XxX Karin

Marni & Siobhan’s fabulous wedding was made possible by:

Celebrant: Nadine Farish
Marni’s Dress:
Flowers: This Bird
Doggies outfit: 

For Wedding and Elopement Packages, click this link.

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Nadine Farish January 29, 2022 - 6:44 pm

I would say I am fairly new to the wedding industry, coming up to my 5th year of being a celebrant, of course I have been honoured to have my fair share of weddings, and met a load of photographers too!
When you work with someone who knows what they are doing, are confident in themselves and their craft, and truely have a passion for what they do, it makes for an enjoyable experience for all.
Karin you are extremely professional, personable and so easy to work with. You didn’t make me feel unnecessary or unimportant- true others have in the past- of course I would like to think my job is kind of essential, haha!…..
But amidst the rain and my panda eyes, it was magical.
Seeing the photos post ceremony was such a treat, Karin you just have this incredible flair for capturing beautiful moments in time. Your photos tell Marni and Siobhan’s love story so very well, and I love how different and unique these moments are. As you mentioned, yes it was definitely fate that you were able to be there for Marni and Siobhan as their photographer, but also their friend. I know that they will look back on these memories in years to come, and be forever grateful of the amazing work that you have done xx

Karin January 30, 2022 - 1:59 pm

Thank you so much Nadine for your wonderful words! It was truly a pleasure to work alongside you so we created these irreplaceable memories for our sweet couple, Marni and Siobhan! Yes, your job is the most important one so when other photographers make you feel small, that is just bad form, no matter what! Hopefully, we can get the chance to work again together again one day and I wish you all best. Much Love Karin


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