Mimi & Kieren’s Maryborough Backyard Elopement

by Karin
Mimi & Kieren's Wedding

This Maryborough backyard elopement was such a huge success!

Elopements are great for couples who want to celebrate their love with a small bunch of their loved ones. Mimi contacted me and explained to me that Kieren, as well as Mimi, were quite shy people. This was even more so in front of the camera. Another thing she mentioned was that they prefer a lot of natural and candid style photos rather than overly posed ones. Not a problem at all as I’m very flexible and always go with what my clients want for their day.

We agreed to meet up at Queens gardens where Mimi and Kieren opted to do things a bit differently. They decided to have their portrait session before their ceremony. They wanted a late ceremony (5.15 pm) and this way they could do a first look instead.

A “first look” is when a couple decides to capture the emotion of the first time they see each other on their wedding day. It’s great for couples who want to spend some quiet time together before the ceremony. Also, if you’re nervous, having a first look and seeing your partner is a great way to ease that feeling too.

We had this amazing session, as Mimi was wearing a stunning cathedral veil. This gave us plenty of ways to have a play with it (the wind helped us a lot too lol), which helped put the couple even more at ease. After our portrait session, we headed to Kieren’s parent’s house as the ceremony was conducted on their private property.

The ceremony was short and sweet. After all the formalities we managed to have time to have a play with some smoke bombs. I would always recommend using smoke bombs later in the day, to get the maximum out of them. The colours will look so much better against the darkness of the sky (with a bit of help of my speed light). Plus it also creates a more intimate feeling. 

I wish this sweet couple many years of happiness and joy together!  XxX Karin

Mimi and Kieren’s fabulous wedding was made possible by:

Celebrant: Leora Kirk
Make-up & Hair: Mon’roe Collective
Wedding Dress: Bridal Mall Couture
Fashion Designer: Sew Bespoke
Smoke Bombs: Coloured Smoke

Thinking of having an elopement with me?  Head over to my price page for more info.

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Joanne @SewBespoke Studio May 27, 2020 - 5:17 pm

Karin, You have captured Mimi and Kieren’s wedding day perfectly! The joy, the love and pure bliss between them as a couple and all the wedding ambience, but especially Mimi’s Gown, that you have particularly let shine naturally and elegantly.
As a couturier, creating gowns for each and every Bride with all their own style and loveliness, I’m sworn to some secrecy, as you can imagine. Each Bride has their won unique story to as how and why they selected their gown. And each of these stories is always meaningful to their being. With Mimi, I particularly remember her initial visit to my design studio, her grace and reserved manner in presenting her gown to me, which her beautiful mother had purchased as a gift to Mimi ….as a surprise, without Mimi’s knowing or input. Some might find this somewhat conflicting emotionally, a wedding gown surprise. I personally found this ‘very endearing’ and heartfelt, a true love between mother and daughter. Mimi has been blessed with a stunning very petite figure and her gown was two sizes plus to big, as well as a few design features Mimi and myself incorporated. Mimi was ecstatic with the final fitting appointment, as I am positive she and Kieren are super happy with these stunning images.
Love viewing your beautiful workmanship Karin ~ look forward to our next connection
Joanne x
@SewBespoke Studio

Karin May 28, 2020 - 10:18 am

Awwww thank you so much for these beautiful words Joanne!😍 What a wonderful background story as I knew the dress was coming all the way from South Africa, but I didn’t know her mum had gifted Mimi the dress, what a wonderful idea. You did a fantastic job and the dress looked magnificent on her. Looking forward to seeing another great creation of you!💞

The Mon'Roe Collective May 27, 2020 - 5:33 pm

I love these photos! You’ve really captured Mimi & Kieren’s day beautifully! What a stunning bride!

Karin May 28, 2020 - 10:20 am

Thank you so much for your kind words Monique! 💖 You did a fabulous job as Mimi looked drop-dead gorgeous.💞


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