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In this day and age with modern technology, it’s even more important to have your beautiful photos displayed in a wedding album for generations to come.


The whole idea of printing out your photos is bringing people together as there’s nothing quite like holding your stunning album showing how wonderful your wedding was and reliving it all again.

Gone are those silly gloves for touching the pages as these wedding albums are beautifully laminated which protects against spills and stains.


Knowing all of this you can show your wedding album even to the littlest member of your family without having to be worried your pages are going to get damaged.


I design all the wedding albums myself, filled with favourite photos of your special day. Every album is individually crafted to suit your wedding, so no two are the same in their layout.


My wedding albums come either small or large, square or rectangular to suit everyone’s needs. They will not fade, yellow, tear easily or show fingerprints. You will have something to keep forever, something made to last for generations.

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Small Boutique Albums

9.5" x 9.5" or 13" x 9.5" Handmade Album $1250


30 Pages (90 Photos)


2 Pages (3 Photos) $30

10 Pages (30 Photos) $150

Crystal Cover $350

Example shown:

Book: 13 x 9.5" Linen (Sage Grey TL06) with 40 pages (125 photos)
Box: Linen (Ivory TL01)

Large Boutique Albums

12" x 12" or 16" x 12" Handmade Album $1500


30 Pages (90 Photos)


2 Pages (3 Photos) $50

10 Pages (30 Photos) $250

Crystal Cover $450

Example shown:

Book: 12 x 12" Leather (Midnight Blue P09) with 70 pages (210 photos) and a Crystal Cover
Box: Maple (Sage Grey AC938)

The Nitty Gritty...
  • Karin uniquely designs each album or you can design your own (no two designs will ever be the same!)
  • 100% Quality and Handmade in Italy
  • Hard-cover Lay-flat Album
  • Album: Linen (Vegan) or Genuine Leather
  • Flushmount binding
  • No gutters or splits between pages (full 2 page spreads without an obvious seam in the middle disrupting your precious photo)
  • Metallic thick 1.3mm pages
  • You get to pick your favourite photos
  • Square or Rectangle album
  • Choose your own photos for the album
  • Box: Linen (Vegan) or Maple Leatherette (Vegan)
  • Linen, Leather or Crystal Photo Cover
  • Plenty of colours to choose from
  • Parent Albums optional at extra cost

Selection of Colours and Finishes

Quality Linen
Genuine Leather
Maple Leatherette

What if I'd like to add Prints?

In a world where everything is digital these days, it's oh so important to get your beautiful photos printed for you to hang up on your wall for everyone to enjoy.

Pro Lab Fine Art Matte Prints

Your image will be crystal clear on our Fine art papers beautiful, white matte surface which is lightly textured. Why do we use Canson? They have an impeccable reputation and are used by galleries and museums worldwide!
No Optical Brightening Agents are used to ensure consistency of shades for generations and they are Acid Free certified to avoid paper degradation. If you prefer different sizes, please ask for prices.

Print sizes:

4×6″ – $15
5×7 ” – $20
8×12″ – $50
16×24″ – $125
20×20″– $125
24×36″– $225
30×45″– $300

Pro Lab Lustre Prints

All our lustre paper is printed on Kodak’s professional grade photo paper, Endura Premier. Endura Premier is more expensive, thicker, longer lasting and has better colour reproduction qualities than any other product.

Print sizes:

4×6″ – $10
5×7 ” – $15
8×12″ – $30
16×24″ – $60
20×20″– $60
24×36″– $150
30×45″– $200

Deluxe Acrylic Face Mount

An acrylic face mount gives your image almost a 3-Dimensional look, as well as protecting your beautiful image for life.

20×30″ is $499 but if you would prefer a different size,  please ask.

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