Why hire Karin?

"Your Story is my Art"

A bubbly personality

My biggest asset apart from having some cool photography skills has to be my personality, energy and vibe!
I'm an extrovert and I just love people! Being Dutch and having lived in a very densely populated place (Amsterdam) most of my life, has made mingling and talking to people like second nature to me.

I love having a laugh with my clients as I believe your wedding day should be about having a good time. I'm known for being bubbly and enthusiastic but also know when to be cool, calm and collected in the right place, at the right time! You'll never see me just standing around, as my eyes are always roaming for something interesting to photograph.

My approach on the day...

My approach to wedding photography is relaxed and informal.
I'm friendly, unobtrusive and photograph the day mostly as it unfolds in a documentary kind of way.

Using natural light wherever possible, especially during ceremonies (I try to use natural light to be non-intrusive at all), but at times getting my flash out (if natural light isn't sufficient) for those true professional-looking photographs.

I would do almost anything for Epicness!

I love EPIC photos so if this means I have to climb a tree, get dirty or wet, so be it.
To me, getting wonderful moments is more important so if your wedding is a bit out of the ordinary, I'm your girl!
If you're all up for it, I'm totally all up for it!!!

I like to move to the beat of my own drum

I like to think that I'm a bit different than most wedding photographers. Some shoot candid/documentary-style and other only shoot posed.

I truly believe my clients deserve the very best which means I photograph both styles... This way you get the best of both, but if you prefer one more over the other that's fine too of course.

One of the things that I do stand out with, is that I like to use coloured gels (see my town hall photo where I have used a pink gel for the background).
When we have our meeting, we'll talk about all these things, so we are both on the same page.

All photos are truly yours!

Whatever I capture on the day (trust me I love to capture all sorts of precious moments) and if it turns out great, you'll receive it.

I won't hold photos back, because I truly believe my clients deserve them all.

In-house editing

Your wedding day has gone, which means long hours of culling and editing is just the beginning of it.

On average I spend around 40-60 hours editing on a Full Day Wedding coverage. I never send out any of my work to overseas editing companies, everything is done by myself (must be the perfectionist in me).

Timeless photos

There are many looks that come and go for example this moody style is very popular at the moment.
Ask yourself whether some trends will be in fashion 5 or 10 years from now and if you still will love that style?

Therefore I choose my editing style to be timeless so when you look back years after you see your beautiful images, it won't look dated.

No Sneaky Surprises!

Many times I have been called an open book and what you see is what you get. I'm quite proud of this, so I wanted my website to be a true reflection of myself.

Don't you hate when you think you paid for something only to find out it's not included?
One of the reasons I want to be straight up about my pricing is because I'm an honest and upfront person.
In the end, I want you to save time, be clear and let you know you can trust me!

Why I like weddings so much?

I absolutely LOVE love! A true romantic at heart, I never get bored capturing couples in love and I want to tell your story through my photos.

I'm a real people person, so it's wonderful to connect with your loved ones of all ages and different cultures. The crowd, the energy, the rollercoaster of emotions and yes even the funny speeches, not to forget my all-time reception fav: the first dance, I'm all down for it.

My Vision:

Karisma Studios recognises that everyone is equal and beautiful!
I don’t judge based on looks, gender, race, age or religion.

This is one of the reasons why you see real couples on my website and not models or only super slim and pretty people.

What I do care about is your story and I want to photograph that to make it last forever for generations to come.

My Aim:

To be there for you at the right moment, at the right time. Those precious and genuine moments that will only happen once.

I won't just take the obvious photographs but also look for those raw and fleeting moments to capture which are easily missed without the trained eye!

I’m looking for real and genuine connections between people, that’s what makes my heart beat faster and makes me all gooey inside.

My Goal:

To keep your day comfortable and relaxed. I want to see you both in your element, enjoying what is a new beginning for you as a couple as well as the unscripted moments that happen between your friends and family.

After your wonderful day, I love creating stunning, creative but above all, pure and emotive images for my clients so in years from now when they look back at their photos, they can relive and get that instant feeling of those precious moments as if it was only yesterday.

Supporting a small (local) family business

Being a small and family owned busines isn't easy, especially in the photography business.

We have lots of expenses (subscriptions, buying and servicing of gear, running a website etc.) that my prices are as they are because that is what it costs to run this small biz.

I'm truly passionate about providing outstanding results and creating exceptional service. So I'll make sure that my clients feel valued and heard at all times, I'll go that extra mile for you!

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